Constantine by João Carlos Vieira

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John Constantine, action hero


Hellblazer - Shoot.

Warren Ellis, Phil Jimenez e Andy Lanning


Hellblazer #128

Meet John Constantine. He just sold his soul to the First of the Fallen, then manipulates God into fixing him and his friends. Otherwise he’d take over Hell when he dies and shit on everything.

This isn’t even the first time he has done shit like this.

And y’all thought Batman was unbeatable with prep.


John Constantine by Don Laczi

Magic Monday

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Adaptation Update From Guillermo del Toro

"GDT said Constantine will be the lead character of Dark Universe, taking us through the other characters, bible done, script soon."

Del Toro says Constantine will be the lead character of ‘Dark Universe’. And yes, he’ll be be blonde!”



okay so what if instead of cancelling Hellblazer

we didn’t

and then let Sean Murphy do the art forever?

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